The Strassburg Sock




For treating plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and tight calf muscles

  • The Strassburg Sock® is a safe, simple and highly effective product for the treatment of plantar fasciitis heel pain. It consists of a tubular knit material that fi over the calf with two adjustable straps to help maintain the foot in a neutral to slightly stretched position.
  • Unlike conventional night splints it provides a more complete controlled stretch of the plantar fascia by use of the windlass mechanism. When worn at night or periods of rest, The Strassburg Sock® will help reduce or eliminate those fit few painful steps when you get up.
  • Developed by a physical therapist, used and recommended by chiropractors, podiatrists and athletic trainers.
  • Independent research study (JFAS) July/August 2002) found the average recovery time was reduced by over 60%.
  • Lightweight, breathable material, completely washable and adjustable for comfort and fit.
  • Also provides effective relief from Achilles Tendonitis and chronically tight calf muscles.