Premium elbow ROM brace

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Elbow ROM brace is used to provide stability and protect the elbow joint during the healing process while allowing for gradual movement to prevent stiffness and promote recovery.

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A range of motion (ROM) elbow brace is a type of orthopaedic device designed to provide support and limit the movement of the elbow joint while allowing for controlled range of motion. These braces are commonly used to treat  elbow injuries and conditions, such as elbow fractures, elbow dislocations, tendonitis, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

  • Designed for post surgery and/or related elbow injuries where limited ROM or locked control of the elbow is desired.
  • Open, lightweight design for patient comfort.
  • Washable “wicking” liner absorbs moisture
  • Lateral hinge arm prevents rubbing against the body
  • Adjustable range of motion with flexion setting from 0-120, extension setting from 0-90
  • Plastic cuffs can be trimmed with scissors
  • Universal right/left

It is important to follow the recommendations of a healthcare professional or orthopedic specialist when using a ROM elbow brace, as they can provide guidance on the appropriate settings and usage based on the specific injury or condition. Proper rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy may also be recommended in conjunction with wearing the brace to promote optimal recovery and regain full range of motion in the elbow joint.

Universal size just choose which arm you require