Post Operative Knee Extension Brace 22inch

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  • Three panel knee extension brace
  • 3 Panel design allows greater adjustment range directly onto the skin. Reduced inventory costs as one size fits most
  • Can be fitted over bandages and later be re-adjusted to fit
  • Cover flaps over stay pockets ensure metal stays do not cause patient discomfort
  • Tailored shape ensures better fit, comfort and function than other braces
  • Durable Colour
  • Black brushed nylon covering material and charcoal grey foam core
  • Black touch tape straps and stay covers
  • Black Brushed Nylon with white cotton lining
  • Medial and Lateral aluminium stays should be shaped to suit the patient
  • Posterior stays
  • Touch tape straps cinch pull through plastic loops
  • All edges bound


TGA Registered: ARTG No 192041


A post-operative knee brace is a specialized orthotic device designed to support and protect the knee following knee surgery. Here are some important aspects related to post-operative knee braces:

Post-operative knee braces are used to provide stability, immobilization, and protection to the knee joint after surgical procedures such as knee ligament reconstruction (e.g., ACL reconstruction), meniscus repair, knee arthroplasty (knee replacement), or other knee surgeries.

The post-operative knee brace helps limit movement in the knee joint to protect the surgical site, reduce stress on healing tissues, and prevent excessive range of motion that could compromise the surgical outcome.

Post-operative knee braces are often adjustable in terms of fit, range of motion settings, and support level. This adjustability allows healthcare providers to customize the brace according to the specific needs of the patient and the post-operative rehabilitation plan.

Some post-operative knee braces are designed to control the range of motion of the knee joint. They may have adjustable hinges or settings that restrict or allow specific degrees of knee flexion and extension as prescribed by the surgeon.

Depending on the type of surgery and the surgeon’s instructions, the post-operative knee brace may have weight-bearing restrictions that dictate whether the patient can bear weight on the operated knee and to what extent.

Post-operative knee braces typically have padding or liners to enhance comfort and reduce pressure points. Proper fit and padding are important to prevent skin irritation or discomfort during prolonged use.

The duration of wearing a post-operative knee brace varies depending on the type of surgery, the individual’s healing progress, and the surgeon’s recommendations. Patients are typically instructed on the appropriate duration and usage guidelines.

In addition to wearing the post-operative knee brace, patients may undergo physical therapy to regain strength, flexibility, and function in the knee. The brace may be gradually discontinued as rehabilitation progresses.

Post-operative knee braces play a vital role in the post-surgical care and rehabilitation of patients undergoing knee procedures. These braces help protect the knee joint, promote healing, and support the recovery process, ensuring optimal outcomes and return to function. It is essential for patients to follow their healthcare provider’s instructions regarding the proper use, adjustment, and duration of wearing a post-operative knee brace.