Polypropylene AFO’s




Designed to limit ankle motion in the management of footdrop

  • Prevent tripping and foot slap with foot drop following stroke, spinal/nerve injury and tendon rupture
  • Touch tape closure
  • High fatigue strength polypropylene that can be modified by health professionals
  • TGA Registered: ARTG No 135334

Grenace™ Anterior Trim A.F.O.

  • Trim lines are more anterior than leaf sprint type. this increases rigidity and therefore greater resistance to dorsi and plantarflexion; and  reduced medial and lateral foot ankle movement.
  • Indicated for patients with increased tone or lateral instability.

Grenace™ Leaf Spring A.F.O.

  • Plastic is trimmed well back behind ankle allowing some flexibility in the sagittal plane
  • More ankle dorsiflexion and limitation of undesirable plantarflexion
  • Indicated for patients with flaccid footdrop

Note: These A.F.O.s fit most but not all patients. Where other foot deformities or complex problems exist, consult an orthotist. Some minor reshaping can be achieved with the use of a heat gun.


Select A.F.O.according to patient’s shoe size

Borderline Sizes

Select a smaller size if you have narrow feet; or a larger size if you have wide feet.