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  • When stiffness is required as in intertarsal and tarsometatarsal arthritis, metatarsal stress fractures, sesamoiditis, hallux rigidus and turf toe, fillers in partial foot prostheses
  • This carbon fibre sheeting form was designed to offer the convenience of specific size and side fittings from one plate.
  • The plates are used for all shoe stiffening applications and for partial foot prostheses.
  • The contour of the plate was determined from an average contour of ten common low heeled shoes.
  • Foot plates cut from the sheet can be used as either an insert or incorporated into the shoe sole.
  • The carbon fibre material can be roughened to create an easily bondable surface for shoe modifications such as rockers.


  • The insole from the desired shoe can be traced onto the carbon fibre plate and the pattern cut out via jigsaw with a metal cutting Footplate edges can be finished with fine sanding
  • For lamination into the shoe sole, both upper and lower plate surfaces are scored by sanding. Standard contact adhesive is used for EVA and similar soles
  • Information and tip sheets are provided with carbon fibre sheet purchase
  • ½ and ¼ sheets available on request
  • Yield 9-10 per sheet