Bed A.F.O. with figure 8 strap

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Fixed and adjustable angle models

  •  When pressure care is the main criterion, these straps are considered preferable by some practitioners, as they have slight elastic properties. Eg. Neuropathic – diabetic – vascular insufficiency. However these straps do not hold the foot as firmly as the instep strap. Patients should be encouraged to participate in their treatment. Active dorsiflexion relieves pressure on the dorsum of the foot and improves patient comfort.
  • For preventing or reducing plantarflexion contractures
  • For controlling hip rotation

TGA Registered: ARTG No 133516

Infection Control

This product is designed and intended for single patient use. Multiple use only when the base is disinfected in accordance with your institution’s infection control protocols, and the orthosis is refitted with a new refurbishment kit (L1004) supplied by Orthotic Technical Services Pty Limited.