Category: Thrive Carbon Fibre AFOs

Thrive’s F3 Carbon Fiber AFO is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Mindfully designed for users with dexterity issues, this dynamic feedback orthosis is ultra-lightweight with the industry’s best 2-year carbon warranty.

Comes fully assembled. Kit includes Thrive mesh carry-bag, F3 Carbon Fiber AFO, plush & breathable tibia-relief padding, straps and buckles, straps and buckles, user and practitioner instruction guides.

Introducing our partnership with Thrive Orthopedics

We are proud to announce our partnership with Thrive Orthopedics, a US-based creator of premium carbon fibre ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). The Thrive range includes high-quality, low-profile AFOs with a sleek finish. There is a magnetic strap option, to make donning and doffing easier than ever before. Wholesale Customers We offer our wholesale customers highly-competitive […]

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